About Us

Queer 1 was formed in 2023 to sell unique handmade ceramics for charity. Each one’s a little different, a little wonky – a little queer! We're a group of San Francisco-based queer artists & makers hoping to give back to our community. Currently, 100% of the sale price of our items goes to the LYRIC Center for LGBTQQ+ Youth.

If you want to get in touch with us, check out our Contact page. We're always open to commissions and collaborations.

See some of our greatest hits in the gallery below. Check out our Products page for items available for purchase.


Fermentation Crock with Celadon

Shattered Porcelain Vase with Red and Brown

A short red vase and a tall green vase, both porcelain

A wild artistic vase with many sculptural sectionsA tan stoneware bottle and a blue stoneware vaseA shattered stoneware pot with slip design